Short Path Distillation

Molecular distillation system is meant to carry out vacuum distillation at high temperature and high vacuum (>0.001mBar). It is a process of separation, purification and concentration. It is more vital for the thermal sensitive distillates. The distillate is exposed to high temperature and high vacuum pressure in the distillation column and a small distance between evaporator and condenser (around 2 cm).

Some of the features of the system which is under offer are :-

  • Evaporation surface area of : 0.05 m2 to 0.33 m2.
  • Maximum temperature of :- +230 deg C.
  • Inner diameter precision in the evaporation tube +/- 0.02 (60A) to +/-0.5mm(150A)
  • The parts that come into contact with fluid are made of borosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE, SS316 and quartz glass.
  • Sealing : Magnetic coupling.
  • Short residence time (to avoid thermal decomposition)
  • Minimum pressure drop due to closely positioned internal condenser.
  • High vacuum distillation.
  • Specifically suited for highly viscous or heat sensitive material.
  • The system does not include overhead stirrer, thermostat and vacuum pump.